About Philips Consulting Group

Philips Consulting Group is a full service Investigation Firm. We handle Criminal, Civil and Corporate Intelligence and Investigations, specializing in risk mitigation and trial preparation for attorneys and corporations.

  • Our services include:
  • Professional Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Civil and Criminal Investigation and Case Support
  • Litigation Support and Preparation
  • Locating Someone
  • Asset Searches
  • Surveillance/Photo Surveillance
  • Family Law/Parenting Time Investigations

Rachel Philips is a practicing attorney and licensed private investigator in Oregon with over 10 years experience in criminal defense.  As a trial attorney with Metropolitan Public Defender for over 8 years, she represented clients on cases ranging from civil committments, misdemeanors, drug and property felony offenses to serious assault, rape, kidnapping, attempted murder, and other Ballot Measure 11 felonies, as well as Jessica's Law cases.

As an experienced and active litigator, Rachel understands the importance of a thorough investigation to placing your case in the best possible position for resolution: be it trial, negotiated settlement, or civil compromise. Knowledge is power.